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Well, it all started somewhere in the early 1970's (1973/74) with the purchase of my first true stereo. That included a Sherwood Model S-7050 which I still have in addition to the original loudspeakers that went with that system. Good old Warehouse Sound Company of San Luis Obispo, CA was the place I purchased my first two systems.

With the help of ebay, I have now collected the entire Sherwood range of Receivers
from the 'Best Buy' Line ad printed in the mid-1970's.


          The Shrine: (L to R) S-8900A, S-7200, S-7100A, S-7010A and S-7050


Sherwood S-8900A                                                          Sherwood S-7200

Sherwood S-7100A                                                         Sherwood S-7050 in its finest hour. All 10 watts/channel

                                                                                                        My original 'first' speaker: Maximus
         Sherwood S-7010A (this replaced the S-7050)

What a "hoot" huh? Prices for this most valued collection ranged from $49.95 (S-8900) to $9.95 (S-7050-I bought a second S-7050 for parts to re-hab my original unit should I need to in the future-go figure? It cost as much to ship!)