Mt St Helens
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The route, was to drive as far up rd 830 (the three mile stretch up to Climbers Bivouac. Snow at the beginning of Rd 830.) Parked car and walked/skinned up the three miles from intersection of Rd 8100 and Rd 830. 40% to 50% skinning up to Climbers Bivie. Then up Ptarmigan Trail #216-A and out of the timberline at 4,000 ele for camp. Note the bear, or cat tracks photos!! Nice size paw prints. Next day up Monitor Ridge route, clear in the AM but clouds moving in fast. At 7,000 feet, game over. White-out and rain. Oddly, back at camp of 4,000 ft, and the sun comes out. But by the time I reached the car a major rain cell moved in big! Going home I opted for the straight down the fall line approach. I bushwhacked straight down from then end of the lava flow (Swift Creek Lava Flow) to Rd 830. Probably shaved off an hour by not going back through climbers bivie et al.

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(btw, Topo Ver 5.0, well, just rocks)



Climbers Bivouac, still a bit snowed in 3-4 feet.


My what big feet you have!

The better to..... better keep on skiing! A sasquatch siting?

City Lights of Portland (middle of pic)

Stars and Planets

Good Morning-What's for beakfast?

"Room with a view" of course

Later the french press would tip over (full) in the tent!

Camp on "Swift Creek Lava Flow, ele 4,000 ft


At 7000 game over, Vis nothing, white out, and now rain! Only 1000 feet vert to go to summit, oh well

I think I go down, er, oh, that way!

At this moment, rain and white out. but wait, an hour later, the sun came out, and the mt cleared

Yes, back at camp, with the sun out!

Pack it up and go home.