Mt. Shasta
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Mt. Shasta climb from Bunny Flats trailhead up Avalanche Gulch route to summit; June 3-4 2005
We caught the High Pressure system just perfectly. Once off the mt on Saturday the 4th, the top 2,000 of mt was in cloud cap by the time we headed home!

The Route: White line, day one, Yellow line, day two.

Some 'hard' climbing data out of the GPS, date, time, bearing, elevations etc.

 For all the photos click the links below

bulletDave G Pics:      Click here
bulletJT Pics:             Click here
bulletTodd S Pics:       Click here
bulletEric V Pics:        Click here
bulletJim D Pics:         Click here
bulletKirk  Pics:          Click here
bulletPierre Pics:        Click here

Some selected Pics below,

"Tent City" Helens Lake 10335 elevation

Eric on the Summit Plateau:

Half the gang on top; dave g eric v, jt t, pierre v.Other half had already summited and 'booked'! Kirk, Todd Ali and Jim!

Your's truly on top!

JT & Eric all smiles:

Pierre lookin 'cool' at 14,162!

Guess Moms didn't pack this trip for us?


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