Crater Lake
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Bike Ride Trip around the rim of Crater Lake September 27, 28 2002. Weather was "epic". The next day, Sept 29th. It rained! see pic rt) How lucky was this?? Drove up from Medford Friday. Stopped by to see some features along the Rogue River where the river goes underground in a lava tube. Quite cool. Camped at Mazama Campground in the Crater Lake National Park. Got chilly, below freezing. The ride was cool, and quite windy early on. Felt like getting blown off the bike several times. Many riders, I was surprised but shouldn't have been.

The ride is 33 miles around the lake with over 3800 foot elevation gains according to National Park Service as they have a page dedicated to bike riding around the rim. For a map of the park, click here.

Here's to the acquaintances from Bend and Sisters, The recumbent Bike crew; I enjoyed your company! Thanks for the "spin" on the recumbent trike too! As for the Photo gallery, there are over 170 photos!
Yes I went nuts, how many places are as beautiful as Crater Lake? Not too many.





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